Belgian Poison Centre

Belgian Poison Centre

Every year, intoxications are responsible for 1.6 million deaths worldwide, making intoxications  the second most important cause of mortality after cardiovascular diseases.

The risk of exposure and subsequent intoxication is significantly increasing due to the increasing availability of and contact with household products, drugs, pesticides, plants and mushrooms, etc.. Annually, about 2% of all Belgian citizens suffer from intoxication. The latter means 662 incidents, 99 hospital admissions and 1 death following an intoxication per day. The number of exposures and intoxications is and remains unacceptably high. These numbers must and can definitely be reduced, as we have the knowledge to do so.

Thanks to your unconditional support, as the centre of expertise in toxicology, we are able to organize initiatives and measures in an aim to prevent intoxications and, thus avoid health harm, reduce costs, and save lives.

"Together we go for zero intoxications!"

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Poison Centre

The Poison Centre is a royal foundation of public utility and the reference centre for toxicology whose mission is to halve and ultimately avoid poisonings in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The Poison Centre provides toxicological information 24/7 to the public, doctors and other care providers. The permanence, which answers the calls, consists of a team of pharmacists and doctors with a unique expertise in toxicology.